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i miss the notes...

     Music has always been a part of my life. I can remember like yesterday sitting down to play the piano with Mrs. McClendon to learn a new song. Those were the good days, of course, when you are oblivious to everything that is going on in the adult world. I loved music. Now I rarely take the time to make music, I only listen to it. Especially since I had a rough time in high school, leaving my one connection to music behind, band, due to depression, etc. (whole diff. story...i think i already posted).
     I have decided, that for once, I need to do something different, and that is get back into music. I recently started dabbling in writing lyrics, which isn't to different from what I have already done, poetry. I feel like I might actually have some talent in this area. I'll give an example. *ahem*
"Mr. Lonely, how ya doin'? My heart has come unglued and, I'm tryin' my best to live, and stay true..."
This is the first line to a country song I'm writing, I'll keep the rest to myself, for now...
Of course, what I didn't tell you is I have forgotten most of what I learned, or it's hiding somewhere in the crevaces of my mind, on how to write the chords, or notes to accompany the song, but I guess technically you don't have to have those if you just sell the lyrics...

My blabs for this evening/morning...

Thanks for reading --



hello August.

Ah, the days are getting shorter, dark coming sooner, yet still those hot Summer days. I'm just about ready for Fall to be here. Those perfect temperature days, in my opinion, are the best. When the leaves start to turn, and it is somehow is the most beautiful display of only a few colors of the spectrum.

It can't come quick enough.

Briefly yours-



Android or iOS? maybe both...

     So most of you probably know what an iPhone or iPad is now, if you don't, you must not own a TV or radio, or basically live in a shell of your own existence. Moving along...
     I currently own the iPhone 3Gs, and it's a great phone, but much like many of the other tech people out there, you almost always have to have the latest greatest gadget. This is actually ironic, because I have come to find out, that maybe I don't have to have the iPhone, like the many people who stood in line for hours, or even days to get their little 'iFriend'. I have actually found some viable replacements or some would say even better, for the iPhone.
     With all this said, I was thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy S (possible 'Captivate') with at&t. Contrary to other areas (SF & NY), at&t works well here in Texas, probably because the main HQ is based out of the San Antonio area. The phone is very comparable to the iPhone, the only thing that I could tell that differed was the flash, ironically in both ways...Android is coming to support flash (the plugin that runs videos or animations), iOS does not. Also, the iPhone has a literal flash for the camera and the Galaxy S, does not. So you trade one for the other.
     The choice has come down to getting a new iPhone 4, or getting the new Galaxy S, and using my old iPhone for the apps I've already purchased on it, or possibly getting an iTouch instead to go with the Galaxy.
     Dilemmas, choices, decisions! oh my!
Any suggestion? Feel free to comment-----



Oh Sookie!

Wow. I like Snoop Dogg even more for his awesome music video he debuted on the 2nd episode of True Blood this season (3).  I'm sure some of you out there will be glad to know that the show has already been signed for a 4th season! Pretty good stuff. If you haven't read the books by Charlaine Harris, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, you should definately give them a go. I will say they do get a tad raunchy, maybe too much for a guy's taste (me), but I love them in spite of that. The series in a whole has great mysteries to follow and that keep you guessing 'who dunnit.'

To follow things of this nature, i.e. vampire shows, books, along with other toothed animal stuff ;) be sure to check out the Bite Club show...a great podcast, I often listen to, that recaps most shows, like Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diares & many more, as well as keeping you up to date with anything that has to do with these shows, like relevant events.




quick tip! are you forgetful? 

Do you need to remind yourself and you don't want to set the alarm or phone calendar?

Or Maybe you want to say happy birthday to a friend by text, but you're gonna be busy, or sleeping?

Well, you should try out Oh! Don't Forget!

This site is handy. What is does, in short, is send time delayed text messages through the internet.

Great idea, right? I know! So next time it's Mom's birthday and you have to be at work by 6am, just send

out the text the night before. Done.

Also, don't forget to check out their other site, Mobaganda. They've coined it, 'Propoganda for your

friends.' Not too shabby. It's just a really simple way to send out event invitations and keep your RSVPs

organized, etc. (they're right, e-vites do suck.)