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The Truth: Work it out.

It's official: I have got to start working out.
I may join the gym and make my brother and sister-in-law go with me, or I may just go the cheap route and start walking/jogging at the park.
One thing is for sure though, I can no longer assume the super human ability if sucking my fat gut into XL shirts. So it's do the right thing time, or buy the ever scary XXL... *cringe.
So, you ask, what made you come to this conclusion? The truth. Kids do not lie, unless they are taught to...thus enters my adorable little cousin, Mason. We were playing with his puzzles the other day, and I was trying to fix the Wii at the same time. Mason starts slapping my belly to get my attention, and when I finally start to answer, he realizes that I have a huge belly, and asks me if I am going to have a baby...
Of course I say he asks if I just ate a bunch and grew real big.
I answered yes.
So obviously cutting sodas out isn't enough to help shrink this belly, haha.
So now I just have to decide.
Anytime Fitness or Redbud Park?


Ah, big life decisions. ;)


how can you not?

Just a random babble post...since I haven't posted in forever...
I just got back inside from being in our little ghetto redneck above ground blow up pool, that's the technical name, by the way. Anyway, I was just floating about by myself with just my eyes, nose, and mouth above the water. There was no sound to bother me, other than the occasional joint or bone crack...but otherwise, it was so amazingly peaceful. I needed that.
So it got me thinking deeply as I looked around and took the world in, one tiny detail at a time with nothing to distract me. Each individual little part of a leaf on the trees, as it blew in the wind. The bugs crawling on the branches, the many, many, twists and turns of branches and twigs, grown in every which way. The bright blue sky with the clouds ever so slightly touching eachother and whisping into many different strange shapes, which of course make shapes that seem to be animals or cars, and all kinds of imaginable things.
It is simply beautiful.
That brings back the title: How can some people not believe that God made these things? The amount of detail and amazement these creations have is insurmountable by something man-made.
Think about it.

Later --- Way


Music...Something I've missed.

I used to post about music all the time. So I'm going to try and get back into that routine. I'm going to try and post about new songs that I like, and perhaps some old songs to. We'll see what happens. :)

PEACE -- Way aka Jay Dizzle


MARCHing along...

     So I guess it's about time for my monthly blog. I hate that I don't use it more often. I actually started out on Tumblr, and I missed the social part of it, so I signed back up. Hopefully that will keep me in the zone of blogging more often. It's >}here{< if you want to check it out. Not a lot yet, since I have to start anew. It it won't be a lot of original content, since mostly everyone just reblogs eachother, but I'll try to be just with that.
     So the last month hasn't been the best. I had a little panic attack/breakdown. It wasn't fun, obviously. I think I've come to terms that I may have to always deal with anxiety/depression. So, I was in a dark place for a day or two. I can't imagine how people deal with stuff like this without medication. Part of the reason, I think I did breakdown finally was because I was trying to wean off of my meds. They help, but they also hinder me, I am a different person with and without them. If you haven't dealt with depression, it is a mean, nasty thing. It basically tricks your whole body into feeling like crap, not just emotionally, but physically, as well. So, it got bad, like a dark cloud was consuming me for a bit. I'm better now, but I still have moments were it tries to overcome me, and I just have to fight it and breathe it out.
     So, I plan on setting up an appointment to see a counselor/therapist about my anxiety, if nothing that to just talk it out. I also want to see about changing my meds. I feel like I can't live without them, but if I am going to have to do that, then I'm going to find ones that help, while also not making constantly crave food...yeah it's a thing, and I could tell when trying to get off of them. I would actually eat a square meal, and feel full when I was done. I hadn't felt like that in forever.

Wish me luck!

PEACE -- Way


Valentine's is gone...

     So, yet another big day in the job I hold is gone. Usually Christmas & Valentine's Day are the biggest of all, and it held true yet again. Proof shown red on my hands and others from cleaning the thousands of strawberries! But life goes on...
     My life has moved several jumps lately. I have been socially inept since probably my junior year in high school. I just never went out, rolled up into a ball, and stayed at home. It's such a great life! (obvious sarcasm) So lately I've been weaning off of my anti-depressants/anxiety meds. A little bonus of that, is that it turns out that my meds were making me hungry all the time! Now I can just eat a normal meal and be full. It has been great. I started hanging with friends again. Before, I would always have an excuse lined up. It was sad really, I feel so horrible for the other people out there that deal with this, because I know they are out there. I mean, the medication helps, but it also turns you into someone you're not. I have such a hard time with deciding whether it's good or bad. Technically, from my views, it is good for what it is, but eventually you feel like a zombie, and you need to either cut back with it, or totally get off of it. I'm doing the latter, slowly obviously, because it can do more harm than good, if you aren't careful. So far so good, though. :)