What modern technological device takes up most of your time?

     Oh, the irony. I'm actually typing this on my phone, which is, you guessed it, the device we speak of from the title. I bet everyone would be hard pressed to find a device that doesn't take up most of anyone's time these days. Even those who spend most of their days on a computer, probably spend nearly equal that amount on a mobile device or phone, sometimes simultaneously.
     I'm sure there were many people back in the olden days that guessed one day this would come to fruition. The amount of technology that invades our days would probably freak them out just a bit. Of course, as it is introduced slowly over time it shouldn't be that scary, but think about how fast the last few decades introduced us to those tiny lights that emit images into our eyes. The TV has only recently changed significantly with regards to the type of screens, and how they show colors and different levels of brightness and clarity. Not that long ago, staring into the opposite end of a cathode tube wasn't that strange, but we probably didn't think that in a few decades that they would change into flatter screens, packed with way more pixels to the point that even the human eye can't discern the difference. Apple doesn't called their screens 'Retina Display' for no reason.
     So, for sure the technology has changed, and somewhat stayed the same. Everything tends to come in waves. We'll probably have a moment when technology takes a more grass roots feel. We definitely know that we need to pull back a bit from devices, most likely for the fear of health issues, over-dependence or over-stimulation, among many other things. There are studies being done about the affect on the chemistry in your body and devices we use, especially in the social media area. The way your brain reacts when you get that notification, is not dissimilar to the feeling we get when we have addictive behaviors. There are even rehabs that deal with the addiction to playing video games. They always say, in moderation, but it's pretty hard when the norm has become too carry around a device that you depend on nearly all important information and communication with the indirect world.
     It's something to ponder, and maybe take a step or two back, and turn it off for a while, or at the least use that Do Not Disturb function. It will most likely do you some good.

What a pitiful existence…

It is the end of your life and you are up on stage being presented with a major award. What award is it, and what have you won it for?