It is the end of your life and you are up on stage being presented with a major award. What award is it, and what have you won it for?

     At the end of my life, I'm not sure I'm that significant to have won an award for anything. I'd like to hope, that like my eulogy, it would at the very least show that I was kind, generous, and loving.
     Ideally, if things are awesome, and I somehow do well financially, I'd like to be awarded for my work with charities, whether it be one I came up with, or simply one I helped keep going, with my time, energy, and money.
     I would love to have a charity that works to improve the lives of LGBT people, to the point that one day, it would no longer need to exist. Sadly, I have a feeling that won't happen, unless something drastic changes to our world, by either natural disasters, someone visiting the planet from another Galaxy, or our own near destruction from the crazy amount of nuclear weapons we keep at hand.
     My mom always keeps the ideal at hand, that she, if nothing else, tries to leave everyone she meets better than they were before, even if it means complimenting them on something small about themselves. I'd like to think I am that same way, but I also know I'm an extremely introverted person, sometimes to the detriment of myself and others. It's something I'm going to really try and work on, especially with therapy, and self-care.
     Something I'm just now looking into is DBT, or Dialetical Behavioral Therapy. I bought a planner, that allows you to keep your normal appointments, but it is also garnered towards keeping track of your moods, and mindfulness. It is mostly used for people with BPD, or Borderline Personality Disorder, which I have often thought I have. I'm also going to look into that with therapy. The symptoms are pretty uncanny with how I feel I am, but I want a professional opinion, so that's what I'm doing, including seeing if like my mother, and my siblings, that I have obsessive behavior and possibly ADD.
     Of course, this all does lead back to how I feel about myself, and that for some reason, I'm not just me, but I'm a version of myself that isn't just right, and can possibly 'be fixed.'
     Well, that post devolved quickly. I always somehow can bring anything back to me and my 'problems.' I apologize.

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