Have you ever experienced something that just could not be logically explained?

     I honestly don't think I have ever experienced something that could not be logically explained. I mean, there are things that at first didn't seem to be real, but once studied, there was a logical explanation. I've seen some things on video that might not can be logically be explained, but my mind just can't believe that something wouldn't have a logical explanation, even if it is something that isn't maybe to our understanding. Say like a UFO siting, or something like that, because those seem to be right along what isn't explainable, for right now, at least. I wouldn't think it was fake right away, but I wouldn't also say it was for sure real, but maybe something we can't grasp yet. For all we know, there are inexplicable things out there that happen and we just aren't prepared for it. Granted, don't think I'm a conspiracy theorist, cause I'm absolutely not. Trust me, I have relatives who think they've seen drones flying over us. I mean, there probably are drones, I know people who own them, in fact. Now, are they drones for reconnaissance, I highly doubt that.
     I even consider myself a very spiritual person. I will say, a lot of that has to do with how I was raised, but I've also grown to feel and believe things on my own accord. I've experienced things that can be explained by scientific means, but I could also explain it by other ways. So, I'm not saying it was one or the other, but I definitely lean more towards the logical side.

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