List a few phobias you have. When and how did you discover you had these fears?

     Agoraphobia and Emetephobia have always been an issue of mine. The older I got, the fear of vomiting, or emetephobia, definitely has reigned itself in, but these two phobias used to go hand in hand for me. Also, there are times that it irrationally comes back, usually when my medication isn't working the best or I'm just having a relapse back into anxiety or depression problems.
     Some more common phobias I've suffered from are Ophidiophobia and Acrophobia, the fear of snakes and heights, respectfully. I don't fear snakes all the time, but definitely in the summer when I hear reports of snake bites and such, they seem to get irrationally worse...or maybe rightfully so. I'm extra careful when I go into the dark garage, and when mowing with the push mower in the back yard. I can remember being afraid of heights since I was a kid. I used to hate going to the Sears store in the mall. They were the store with two stories, and of course, my favorite department, electronics, was on the second floor. They had the glass partition around the escalators, and sometimes they had ads plastered on them, and sometimes they did not. I hated the latter, because that meant if I was close enough to see over the edge and that fear set in. I had to look straight ahead or purposefully blur my vision as to not let it bother me.
     Don't get me wrong, fear can be good, within reason. I am glad that some of my phobias are better now, for the most part. I couldn't imagine not having fear at all, because I know some people that seem to live that way, and it doesn't seem to go to well for them.

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