Were you born to shine in one special way? What makes you really stand out?

     I've often heard that everyone is really meant to shine in a specific way, that everyone has their God-given talent. I believe that to a certain extent, but I do believe that some people never find theirs, or it passes them by due to them not being ready to accept it. I'm definitely an example of that. I ponder my purpose or light that I need to shine my brightest often. I suppose, as I've read, that there are people that often do not live their fullest until later in their life. To argue the previous, I often find those that boast about this, are people who are trying to just give their selves some hope for later. I won't fight about that, as I've stated that I struggle with what my purpose in life is.
     I have vacillated between what I am meant to do, and also what my job should be. Most people in today's time tie their making a difference to their job or career. I mean, that works for most jobs in healthcare, ministry, not-for-profits, and more. I guess there are people who also think it isn't really tied to that, but rather how people change when they experience life around you, or after they leave you. My mom believes in this philosophy, which she ties with her spirituality or religious beliefs. I can respect that very much, as she often wants to make people happier or wiser from sharing her experiences of life with someone as to make them better in some way.
     I always had this sense that I wanted to be a writer or photographer, possibly a graphic artist, although I've never really done anything to further any of those possible careers, or even as a hobby. I did try doing a side job as a photographer, and I did okay, but eventually gave up, because I didn't have what I felt I needed, which was a formal education. I gave that a try and gave up quickly because I felt like I wasn't learning enough for what I was accumulating in debt.
     I'd like to think when I'm in a good place again, that I'll eventually find that light that will be my special shine. I'm sure there are people that could tell you that I've already found that by my sense of humor, but I don't agree with that because it changes so much over time. I'll stand out one day...hopefully, it will be in a good way.

What stupid question have you heard someone ask (or asked yourself)?

What do you look forward to every week?