The Vote: My Perspective

     So, my whole life I've been torn, not just on issues like the nomination, and now approval of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, but in most situations. Maybe it comes from when my parent's got divorced, or the fact that my grandparents where divorced, or that most people have to choose sides to feel like they are a part of something.
     I'm by no means a big believer in astrology, but I've always felt that my sign of Gemini does align with how I've always felt about issues. I have always seemed to be empathetically inclined. I have been the referee, the devil's advocate, and the mediator. I just can't really ever seem to be able to choose one side over the other, unless it's quite obvious what's right and wrong.
     Some people absolutely believe that Mrs. Blasey-Ford was assaulted by Kavanaugh. Some people, on the other side, believe that Kavanaugh is innocent, and that Ford is telling the truth, but she is mistaken that it was Kavanaugh. Then, of course, there are people that believe that this was all made up and the she is lying, and he is telling the truth. To be completely honest, I am in the middle...big surprise there. Yes, as I have gotten older, and have accepted myself as a gay person, my values to happen to align more with the Democratic party, but by no means, do I agree with all of there arguments, as I believe a lot of people here, even where I live in Texas, believe in most of the values of the far right. Let's be honest, it's ridiculous for there to just be two big parties. It has worked, and will work, as long as we support it to, but it has definitely become way too polarizing for me to just be like, Yes, I'm a proud Democratic, or Republican. I also don't feel I should have to be lumped into a Libertarian group either, as most people can't simply feel the same on every single issue. I feel that I can vote my conscience as is my right, and luckily my state doesn't force me to choose a party when voting, even though most times I vote they do ask me, but I don't have to put it in the system, and I believe I can say undecided or I wish not to say.
     I will say when it comes to the vote, I am not satisfied. I do think there should have been an even deeper investigation, because of the way things went down. I don't know if the Democratic party did set up the withholding of Ford's letter just to try and make it worse that it was, or if that truly was just because of the way things fell into place. I can't know that, just as I can't really truly know without that investigation that things are true or not. Yes I can take Kavanaugh on just his word, but he is just human, just like myself and other people. Just because he is a judge in one of the highest court does not mean he can not lie. Just as Ford can't remember certain things, Kavanaugh can just as easily not remember what happened, even if it may have not been what is considered a full on sexual assault. I could honestly see things on the Republican side that made sense just as the Democrats. I believed that Kavanaugh was under stress, although I do believe that he was coached by the president's team to be more boisterous during his testimony. I also believe that he was a drunk in college, and he shouldn't have lied about that, because it doesn't matter in the scope of today, unless he is a drunk now, which I highly doubt considering the job he holds and the amount of work he has to do.
     I believe Ford. She also holds a high job, it may not be as esteemed as his job is seen, but she is obviously an honored person. She was very credible, although obviously she was truthful and could not corroborate what was important as far as the times and dates, and whether it was him. That's why I do believe that there needed to be a further investigation, and it did happen, but it was in limited scope, and didn't go deep enough. It should have gone on as long as it needed to, especially to prove even further that Kavanaugh was innocent, and possibly leading to the finding of who actually did this to Ford.
     As a person that's in the middle, as usual. I hate it. I hate that everyone feels that it has to be one way or another. I have to hate him or her, that I have to believe him or her. Why can't I be undecided or just honestly, want to know more? I wanted an answer before the vote. I don't believe we got that. Sadly, that's the way this government goes, a lot of the time.  

     This is just how I feel about it. It isn't meant to make anyone feel less the way they feel, or to argue about every little thing. I hate fighting, and belittling others, be constructive. 

It is the end of your life and you are up on stage being presented with a major award. What award is it, and what have you won it for?

What do you need right now?