Write a diary entry, dated ten years in the future.

     Today was a good day. My brother made his ten year mark today. He's been recovered for a long time now. It's so good to see how much some one can change when they put their mind and heart into it. Everyone is so proud of him.
     Mom is loving her new job. She loved being retired but she needed something to keep her busy since the kiddos are getting so big and aren't spending so much time at home any more. They are doing so well in school. I'm so proud of them.
     I just got a big bonus at work. I really love working at my job, and it's given me such great opportunities to help others and be in a position to take care of myself and my family. I never thought ten years ago, that I would be in such a stable place in my life and be happy and content, but here's to hope and finding what works for you.

Give your city (town or region) a new name that reflects what type of place it is, and explain why you chose that name.

What is your favorite work of art? What do you like about it?