Come up with a mathematical formula to express something you know/believe. (Example: Long Saturday run + Frappucino = Happiness)

     I am not a huge fan of math. It was never my strongest subject in school. I'll try my best to think of something here.
Being Alone ≠ Being Lonely
     I've been alone for quite a long time. Whether it pertains to relationship, romantic or not, I've never really had that many. I am friendly with people, but I really don't have that many people I consider real friends. My anxiety and depression has always made it hard for me to make and keep people close. If my family wasn't related to me, I probable wouldn't be that close to them. All these things are true, but that doesn't mean I get lonely when I'm alone. I often am much healthier most of the time when I am alone. I have less to distract me and make me think. I'm constantly in my head when I am around others. I often think I'm pretty obsessive about it sometimes. I'm always wondering why I'm acting this way, if I should act another way. I think it roots from my growing up being gay, and how that caused me to always be aware of my behavior, and that I shouldn't act too feminine, because that isn't allowed. So I'm always trying to make sure I'm acting normal, which in turn, makes me seem even more weird. The medication helps sometimes...but not always. It takes lots of practice to make myself not think too hard about usual situations, as to seem normal. It's fucked up, I know...but that's why I'm used to being alone a lot. Sometimes I can just be my and not have to think about it. I am this way around only certain people. 

Name one thing that you have lied to yourself about. Why did you do this?

You are the wind's interpreter. What is it saying?