You are the wind's interpreter. What is it saying?

     In my mind, the wind could be tied to the voice of nature. I'd say currently, Mother Earth is warning us. I'm no tree-hugger in the sense that I have no idea of what scientifically is happening, but I know that people who are studying the Earth do. The are the best interpreters of what is happening, whether it be global warming or just changes in general to our planet.
     I don't quite understand people who deny that something is going on with our planet. Just by the fact that we know we pollute and it isn't good for the planet, should people realize things will change, also just the fact that the planet is aging. We know in basic science that everything ages and deteriorates, especially when things are added to the atmosphere ever than before. We all know that companies pay to basically have the government look the other way. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but some things are just obvious. We know that is how a lot of politics work.
     I guess, overall, I think the wind is saying, be careful, or things could get a lot worse.

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