Why can't a boy say 'hun?'

      Honestly, gonna be quite blunt here. Shout out to the assholes who made me feel like trash in junior high. I still have days when I remember being called faggot, and having constantly having to deny my sexuality back then in fear of being taunted even more. I can honestly remember being so mad for two guys making fun of me for when they thought I said "hun." I had actually finished a sentence with a question and said, "huh?"  I so badly wanted to punch them in the face. The part that makes me angry is, why should I be made fun of, either way? Why can't little boys say things that are considered feminine or act that way? I hate the fact that we can't just be who we are due to that society says otherwise. Is it that people think that encouraging behavior that fits into what they think is the other gender is going to make their child gay? Let me tell you something, I was gay long before I played with a doll, or did things that were considered girly. The things in this world that fucked me up most, was trying to make me be something I wasn't, or being taught that what I am was wrong. I really hope things are changing for children now from when I was younger.

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