It's that time of year...

Well, Christmas is almost here. This year I am not getting substantial gifts for anyone, but the niece and nephew. They will probably get theirs a little after Christmas.
I kind of feel like crap that I can't get any stuff, because I used to enjoy shopping and getting stuff that actually meant something. I am taking what extra I made this year, and putting it towards bills and debts.
Besides, to me, Christmas isn't about gifts. Christmas is about remembering our Lord & Savior and what He has done for us. The Lord has done so many things for me. The Lord, showed me that he loves me no matter what. The Lord showed me that I can be gay, and still be a Christian. That I can still have faith in myself and in humanity, even though a lot of the time, people who portray themselves as true Christians, can be the most hateful towards people like me.
The Lord taught me to learn from my mistakes, and from those around me, and to keep a healthy conscience. The Lord taught me most of these things through my mom. He speaks through her actions, and her love. I don't need or want gifts for Christmas. I have all the gifts I need or want already. My family and friends. A roof over my head. A car to get me from point A to point B. Enough money to get me by, and keep me from being hungry. I can only pray that you all have the same.
Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this, or doesn't, for that matter.
I hope the good Lord blesses you as he has me.


New Year, New Me!

Holy wow.