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Hey there friends and followers -- 

       So people, week one is done. Sadly I only went to the gym twice this week, although it was a good two work outs! I'm averaging just over 900 calories burned each workout. I've still been yoga and body workouts at home, so that is all good. I also have been doing well with not over snacking. It's really hard, but I just have to tell myself, is it worth it? Most of the time, that answer is, of course, No! So today was okay, but Fridays are rough to get a work out in, because I am starting to help out at my old job, which I don't mind, it's just still rough that I can work 40 hours and still not be able to pay my bills. I really hope to either achieve those other goals soon (better job/education). 
        Continuing on the above subject, I am going to be working for Candies by Vletas a couple of weekends a month, and probably some Friday afternoons here and there, if you would like to come on by and say hello. They are a great place to have a treat, but also just a good place to start before you visit somewhere else downtown. Check out their site here, which I have had the fortune of updating from time to time, or 'like' their Facebook page. They offer deals here and there to their followers. Happy to be a part of it, as always.
        Well, I will try to keep you all updated, and of course, I am doing this for my benefit as well, to keep me in line. I have to keep my promises with myself. If you are doing anything similar, don't be afraid to like this post, or leave a comment. I love to get other's perspectives, and of course, the occasional ego boost doesn't hurt either.

Thanks for reading and tagging along on this small adventure, that hopefully leads to larger ones....

        Still doin' my thing-- 


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