Project: A Better Me

        So my goal with this new project, is to basically give my life an overhaul. I have been in a 'just getting by' kind of lifestyle almost all of my life. Sadly yes, it has taken me this long to realize I want better. I have been through a lot of learning experiences, and seen or experienced some vicariously. Regardless, I want to start over and get things rolling. You are more than welcome to join me in this journey.
        Really the main point in this project of mine, is to set goals, and achieve them. You would think we do this, and we do, but most of the time we just go with what we're dealt instead of going above and beyond, or even trying just a little bit harder. I'm ready for the extra challenge, are you?

A few of the goals I have put down, and are catered specifically to me are below:

  • Go back to the gym (Mon, Wed, & Fri) (if you follow my facebook you know I stuck to this one)
  •  No sodas at all (not even for a reward/treat) Drink Water Only (tea as a reward)
  • No fast food at all (if going out, dine-in only, eat half or less of the servings, save for later)
  • Get a better job OR go back to school
  • Decide where you want to move & MAKE A PLAN
  • No snacking unless it's healthy! (snacking adds up fast!)
  • No more negativity! (no gossiping, journal your bad thoughts or get an agreed upon vent buddy)
  • No more lying! (if you lie, admit it and ask for forgiveness)
  • Publicly apologize for past wrongdoings (kind of like AA) I'm doing this on facebook later...
  • Try to curse less (if it's not really needed, don't do it)
  • "EAT TO LIVE, DON'T LIVE TO EAT (think sus·te·nance)

        There are more, some more personal that I want to put on a blog for everyone to see...but these can just serve as an example. Obviously the point here is all about me, BUT it will affect others too, by my having a better attitude, better health, better habits, etc.
        I just would like to invite whoever that would like to join me in this endeavor, to hop right on the train to a better you.  Cheesy, I know...but I'm really trying to make a change here for the better, and it's always more likely to work when you have someone doing the same.

Thanks for reading,

A Better Me ⁻ᵖᵒˢᵗ ¹

Catching you up...

Catching you up...