Random blurbs from me, Waylan.

Catching you up...

    So life just keeps on happening. Mine is happening along, little changes here and there. I have tried to go through and clean this blog up, seeing as I haven't used it in so long. Most of my posts are months apart, I wish that would change...We'll see.
     I have been at my new job for a few months now, and I'm still learning new things, it's totally different than anything I've done before. I like the people I work with, so that is good. I have yet to have any problems there, a big plus, and they seem to really push the diversity, which makes me happy. I can be me there and not feel out of place. I like that a lot. While I like the people there, and we're really friendly, I don't want to be friends with people I work with, out of work...
     I'm always trying to find new friends to hang with, and I never in my life, thought I would be the person to have trouble with this type of thing. I have since reconnected with some old friends from school, and we occasionally go out, which is great. I do miss my best friend though. He's so far away. I will always have a connection with this man, because we have the same crass type of personality, with dark humor. We love it.
Also, he was the first person for me to come out to. I was having a rough time, for a long time, and when the dam broke, I went to him, and he took me under his wing.
Always thankful for that.
     So in other news, I'm going to be an Uncle in June. I can't tell you how excited I am for this. I hope to meet a man, and someday have kids of our own, but until then, if ever, I will have to love my nephew, and whoever comes later, like my own. I am most definitely going to try and be a cool Uncle. I never got to have a younger sibling, so I guess in part, this will be a similar experience. I can't wait for the little booger to get here.
     So I have kept my weight to a norm, for the past few months. I haven't plateaued, so to speak, because I have stopped working out, but I have kept up good eating habits during the week, while treating myself on the weekend. I hope to get back into the gym, so I don't waste the money, and I hope to gain more muscle this time. I only did cardio before and that was great, but very repetitive and tiring. I will most likely keep it up, but start weight training as well. I have talked to a few people about the different options I have as far as weights/lifting. I hope to define my upper body, like my arms and chest, most of all. So here's to keeping that motivation up!

I'm going to leave this blog at that. I left a few things out...I'll spare you the drama.

-- Way