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So...I grew up a little bit.

     So, I went for the job at Target. I got it. I actually applied for cashier, but got a job in the Electronics and Hardlines. So that was better than expected. Now once I actually start making a decent check again, I can try and get this life back into gear. Right now, I feel so useless, because I can't pay for much at all. I'm still looking for a 'better' job. I like it at Target, no lie, but I can't see myself working there forever, it's just not for me. It'll do until I can find something better, or perhaps, I will ask for less hours and apply back to school. Lord knows, it is hard to get a good job that pays well anywhere, especially if you don't have an education. Most jobs I have been pondering applying for I think I could do, but they all require that you have a degree of some sort.

Well, that's it for this little vent blog.

PEACE -- Way 

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