I really need to grow up…

     Not that I’m not mature or anything, but I will say that I’m not very well acquainted with the ‘outside world’ per say. I have only had one job my entire life, and that job is one that came into my hands because it is with family. I have always leaned to the safer choices in life, not that it’s bad to do that, but it always ends up with you not taking chance, and usually just leading a boring life. I have been trying more and more to take chances, and I’m slowly learning that it isn’t as scary as my mind wants me to think it is.
     Soon I need to take a huge step, for me, and find a new job. It doesn’t have to be a crazy job, but just something different, because otherwise, I’m going to find myself in the same place in ten years…and I know that’s not what I want. I also need to go back to school. I’ve come to find out, that if I want a better choice of jobs anyhow, that I need a higher education to back me up. Otherwise, it’s fast food, or customer service, and honestly, I don’t think I could handle a life of that kind of work…I depress easily, and just thinking about doing that forever makes me feel ill.
     So anywho, that’s the thoughts for tonight.

wish me luck--


So...I grew up a little bit.

It's 2012. We're still here!