The Truth: Work it out.

It's official: I have got to start working out.
I may join the gym and make my brother and sister-in-law go with me, or I may just go the cheap route and start walking/jogging at the park.
One thing is for sure though, I can no longer assume the super human ability if sucking my fat gut into XL shirts. So it's do the right thing time, or buy the ever scary XXL... *cringe.
So, you ask, what made you come to this conclusion? The truth. Kids do not lie, unless they are taught to...thus enters my adorable little cousin, Mason. We were playing with his puzzles the other day, and I was trying to fix the Wii at the same time. Mason starts slapping my belly to get my attention, and when I finally start to answer, he realizes that I have a huge belly, and asks me if I am going to have a baby...
Of course I say he asks if I just ate a bunch and grew real big.
I answered yes.
So obviously cutting sodas out isn't enough to help shrink this belly, haha.
So now I just have to decide.
Anytime Fitness or Redbud Park?


Ah, big life decisions. ;)

A switch clicked.

how can you not?