how can you not?

Just a random babble post...since I haven't posted in forever...
I just got back inside from being in our little ghetto redneck above ground blow up pool, that's the technical name, by the way. Anyway, I was just floating about by myself with just my eyes, nose, and mouth above the water. There was no sound to bother me, other than the occasional joint or bone crack...but otherwise, it was so amazingly peaceful. I needed that.
So it got me thinking deeply as I looked around and took the world in, one tiny detail at a time with nothing to distract me. Each individual little part of a leaf on the trees, as it blew in the wind. The bugs crawling on the branches, the many, many, twists and turns of branches and twigs, grown in every which way. The bright blue sky with the clouds ever so slightly touching eachother and whisping into many different strange shapes, which of course make shapes that seem to be animals or cars, and all kinds of imaginable things.
It is simply beautiful.
That brings back the title: How can some people not believe that God made these things? The amount of detail and amazement these creations have is insurmountable by something man-made.
Think about it.

Later --- Way

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