SNOW! and plenty of it.

     So, I pretty much decided that there is no excuse for me not too blog, since I've been stuck at my cousin's house for three, going on four, days now. We have never had a freeze like this that I can remember since I was a child, so it's definitely something I'm not used to, as I'm sure other Texans aren't either, unless your from the Amarillo area. We now know what you feel nearly every winter...and I'm pretty sure I don't like it! Haha.
     Paatan and I have gotten so much done, and by that, I mean we have eaten so many different things and watched different TV shows. Also I have this theory that TV makes you hungry. Subliminal advertising is well and alive today. We were watching this show, "Kendra," and of course they are at this bar eating freaking BBQ wings, and philly cheese-steaks. What happens then? WE WANT TO EAT...and it's 11 at night. Ain't gonna happen. (also we found out that Kendra fake cries, a lot. waahhh! haha! =P)
      Another thing about snow totally forget about the things that make the world work. We had to have rolling blackouts to counter the huge amount of energy that people used up since everyone has been stuck at home. I guess we just don't think about that. How many people during the day use energy at just one place, like your business, instead of being all spread out and sucking up that energy like we do when we're at home at night, which gets a break still when you sleep. Crazy to think about it, when you have time.
     Also, the people who still work even though the roads are treacherous. Like my mom, for instance. Due to her job being at the Department of Transportation. She has been working her butt off to help keep people notified of the road conditions.
     Well, here's to getting out of the house soon! 

Valentine's is gone...

It's almost here. Christmas!