quick tip! are you forgetful?

Do you need to remind yourself and you don't want to set the alarm or phone calendar?

Or Maybe you want to say happy birthday to a friend by text, but you're gonna be busy, or sleeping?

Well, you should try out Oh! Don't Forget!

This site is handy. What is does, in short, is send time delayed text messages through the internet.

Great idea, right? I know! So next time it's Mom's birthday and you have to be at work by 6am, just send

out the text the night before. Done.

Also, don't forget to check out their other site, Mobaganda. They've coined it, 'Propoganda for your

friends.' Not too shabby. It's just a really simple way to send out event invitations and keep your RSVPs

organized, etc. (they're right, e-vites do suck.)




Oh Sookie!

can't believe it...