Random blurbs from me, Waylan.

religious rant...

     If we know it’s wrong, then why do we do it? We all have a conscience, some even refer to it as God, and we all know the difference between right and wrong. We are not children, we know, and we instead make a choice based on wants, or by which choice is easier. Sometimes what is right may be harder to choose, but it’s the right thing to do, no less. Why do people do this? Why do people choose the easier of the two choices? Do they somehow feel entitled, that they deserve the easy way out? That they earned it? You haven’t earned it. Jesus earned it, when he gave his life for us, for his father, and the world. He wants us to choose right, how hard is that? If you honestly take a second before you make a serious decision and ask, is this right? Is this what He would want of me? If you can honestly say yes, then go for it, but if you have any doubt in your mind that God would dislike it, it’s that simple, don’t do it. Yes, people make mistakes, and granted, some of these mistakes are huge ones, and you can ask for forgiveness and know He will answer you and forgive you in an instant. But the big idea here is that you repent.
     Remember that word, repent? It means that when you ask God for forgiveness, with something that you did wrong, he will forgive you, if you promise to try and change and never do that certain sin again, or anything similar to it. To make a life change is hard, but that’s what is asked of you, and you may trip up, but you can’t just do something repeatedly and ask for forgiveness over and over. God knows whether you are just doing something then just asking, then doing, then asking, etc. That cycle can go round and round until you’re finally face to face with the Lord Almighty and trying to explain why you didn’t repent, or even try. You may think He’ll understand, and he will completely. He will know that you just took advantage of every aspect of his religion, His name, played around with something serious, and now it’s time to show your cards, and you’ve got zip, zilch, and nada.
     Just remember that it’s so easy to choose right from wrong. When you feel that tug in your heart and soul, you know how that is. If you listen, he will guide you down the path of righteousness, which we all know ends in His arms. One day, we’ll are be up there with Him, all of us who choose right, who choose Him over all those wrong things, and the reward will be an infinite amount more than you could ever imagine. If you think you’ll be rich, you’ll be richer, if you thing you’ll be happy, you’ll be happier, etc. It will be the best place unimaginable. A paradise. You just wait and see, and keep choosing right!

Waylan Bolin