fixed. :)

        So I went through all 29 pages of my blog and updated the music players.
They should work great now. I noticed they had gone missing, crazy coding stuff....blegh.

They're back now for your listening enjoyment. =)

Including this lovely, yet weird, DEMO piece from the original Pop Princess.

[All rights reserved to artist, label, etc.]
Britney Spears - Telephone (GaGa Cover/sortive)

I put that cover part lightly, because she didn't actually cover it. She did a
demo and either she or the label didn't like it...funny, now it's been number
one for how many weeks with Lady GaGa. The questions are: is the song popular itself?
Was it GaGa who made it popular? Could Britney have made it #1? I guess we'll never know...

religious rant...

let it flow