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Hi again. Wow, been way too long since I've blogged. Currently listening to K-OS "Sunday Morning" on one of my favorite music aggregator's, The Hype Machine. It's pretty brilliant.
Anyway, so what's new in my world, not much. As I've said before, my brother is home from prison, that's always nice to say. I'm sure it's better for him, I'd imagine. It's so nice to actually get to stay home, yet not be alone, we can be a family again...well, for the most part. It's hard, yet it's not. Nathan has to go to class and do homework, which isn't too bad, I'd assume, compared to being locked up. Finding a job is the hard part, no one is hiring people, whether they have a 'record' or it's just a waiting game for him, I guess. I hope he finds something soon, just so he can have a constant in his life, other than us, we try our best. Life is just day to day, same ol' thing. I need to get a start on school, or at least a new job, like I've been telling myself for years now, who knows...Well, I'm off to watch some shows and find some new jams.

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