let it flow

        Let your faith lead you, this is what comes to mind when I try to find out what I want to do in life. I need to let my faith be my guide, and show me my passions. My first and foremost passion, is writing. I love to write and have always, as far back as I can remember, loved to write. Whether it be a short story, or a more complex, maybe even sad story, I love it. Second to the pen, is the camera. I love photography, I love even looking at others photos and trying to see what was happening at the time, the 'thousand words', so to speak. These are the things that make me light up, especially when I'm down or dark, writing brightens me up, and photographing, as well. Of course, anyone who reads this will right away tell me I should be a journalist, I'm not sure. It seems the perfect fit, yet, sometimes I think I would just love to be an author, with breakpoints consisting of photographing and selling prints in my own gallery, maybe even vice verse.

Decisions, decision…


fixed. :)

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