It's almost here. Christmas!

     So I haven't blogged in months...sad day. I think my last post was on Oct 3rd. It's kind of ridiculous that I pay for this service, and rarely use it. I'm guessing that should be my new year's actually post regularly on here. Anyway...
     So we have been super crazy at work (Candies by Vletas). We are like little elves at the North Pole, only we don't have magical powers or anything, haha. Yesterday I busted up about 300 or more pounds of chocolate. It's definitely a work out. I use just a small sledge hammer, basically...and people probably think working there is easy...see we have to bust our butts sometime too. :)
     I just wanted to thank all the people who come in and are so joyful and thankful, because that makes the work so much worth it, and seemingly easier. Otherwise, it's those mean old grinches...yes, it's true, they really exist: People who can be rude even around the 'most wonderful time of the year.' Do you know how we take care of those people?!   .....   We actually just smile even bigger, and tell them Merry Christmas on their way out, because honestly, if you're feeling that bad, something must either be really wrong or you're stressed out about getting everyone you know a we try not to take it personally.
     Just try to remember that this time of year...A smile can go a long way, even brighten someone's day, you never know what has happened to them before you see them.

Merry Christmas Everyone :)

P.S. I made the picture.

SNOW! and plenty of it.

three brothers...and a cousin!