need a little more God.

        Yes, I said it. I definately need a little more God in my life. Everything is too much when he isn't here. Well, I should rephrase, He is always here, it's whether we choose to listen to him, to hear his wisdom, and soak it up. I have been reading Francis Chan's 'Crazy Love', recommended from an old high school friend. It is really good, if you haven't read it. His main point is how crazy God's love for us is, hence the title. He also makes the point that He doesn't want a lukewarm follower, he wants only the faithful, because people who say they are christians but don't follow his every command or try their best to do what he has taught, then they aren't any better, if not worse than those who don't believe or follow him at all. Good point, huh? I thought so. Can you say that you are a true christian, through and through? Sure, we all make mistakes and repent for our sins, but do we actually try to not do what's wrong, or just do it knowing later we can just ask for forgiveness and it's wiped away? That's horrible, isn't it? I know I have done that for sure, actually done something that's wrong and known it's wrong even though I can hear my conscience loud and clear, God telling me it's wrong, and go ahead and do it. How selfish is that? Pretty dang selfish. Well, I hope a few of you out there hear God's voice through this post.

PEACE -- Way

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