what is in our future?

        I know leading off saying that I just finished watching 'Watchmen', isn't probably the best start for a blog entry, but that's how it's going tonight. I just finished it, as I said, and it got me thinking a lot about war, the future, other things, and what is to come for us. My family and I were just discussing the economy and how everything looks so horrible for our future, in fact, there was a date thrown out in which we are supposed to be scare of how life will be then; 2012. That isn't that far away, you know. What could we do anyway to better ourselves, or our country, by then. Being an American is a blessing and a curse at the same time. We see us here in the U.S. as the greatest nation, what other's strive to be, and hope for people who want a new beginning. This is America, the land of the dreams. It's hard for a person, or place, for that matter, to live up to such high standards. What if we have another recession, depression, or complete collapse? What can we do to prevent that? Is there really a way to do this? Another family member, who I happened to disagree on this with, said that we might just need to hit that low. Sort of like nature, we need to kill off what is bad, and start anew. Companies need to collapse, unions need to strike, but companies shouldn't give in, they should let people accept lower wages, then everything will eventually even out. Lower wages, equals lower prices, equals a lot more sold, for less. These of course are just normal, plain Americans with these ideas, but who better to decide what happens with us, than us? The whole 'who's preident' debacle has my in twists too. Whether McCain or Obama, do you not think we would have the current problems we are dealing with? I certainly do. One person can't decide what is going to happen, or all the solutions for our many problems, things are going to go bad, things will get looked over, and yes, people will say that it's just not him that is running the government, the government is an entity, it's more than 'just him'. Well I believe you on that, but I also think that there will still be things that get looked over, because time is of the essence and time flies, therefore, things will get pushed aside for topics that are 'more important'.
        Just some thoughts that were a brewin' in this head of mine...take 'em and ponder them yourself, discuss and see what others out there think...

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