Jolicloud! FTW.

I've been invited to test out Jolicloud, an amazing web 2.0, social type OS. They call it being 'Joliclouded'... I'm loving it so far. Most people are just saying it's a ripoff of Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I think not. It has the same elements, but is very cloud styled, obviously taking queue from it's name. You can do normal apps, like OpenOffice, Firefox, and more. But they've also added downloadable and installable apps, like twitter, facebook chat, and more, that run on Mozilla's Prism platform, which runs like a beta version of AIR or something. It's pretty cool overall, and I can see it getting way better on the social part when more and more people get the OS for their netbook, or maybe even their regular laptop, just to pop on and check email, or twitter, without wasting battery, since you can tweak CPU settings and performance to save power.
Can't wait to see what's in the future for Jolicloud, hopefully more and more people joining.

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