Well, I'm trying to stay true to my commitment to keep blogging. So, here I am, blogging away.
I just got through watching the Secret Life. It is one crazy show. My cousin got me hooked on it. It plays out a lot of things that really, and I might add, unfortunately, happen in high school. It's so crazy that so many young teen girls are getting pregnant. It's sad that everyone knows about it, yet it still happens. All I have to say on the matter is, there are several types of birth control, which obviously shouldn't be your first choice, but just in case your teenager, god forbid, makes bad choices, one of which can be them having unprotected sex, make them take birth control, it will save a lot of trouble. That being said, if you instill your child with enough information about sex, etc, then most likely they will choose what's right and wait, as it said at the end of the episode I just watched, you may think everyone around you is having sex while in high school, but most of them aren't...another point, don't do it to be cool. Be yourself, and people who will be your true friends will like you as you are anyway.

and, commence ending of blog for tonight. g'nite ppl.

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