My Mom.

My mom, Sendy Bolin, is turning 55 tomorrow, on July 23rd. I can't really believe this, since I'm only 20, but then again, she has been married twice now. Both unfortunately didn't turn out the way she probably wanted, I'm assuming this, because no one likes their spouse to die or leave them, of course which both happened to her. But my mother has persevered. Yes, she is the ultimate Not only has this woman made it through two marriages and survived, but has also given birth to four boys, my three brothers and myself, and managed to stay sane through raising us all through the turmoil that was unfortunately her marriage and all of us screaming 'I want, I want' and not 'What do you want?'. My mother has always put herself before others, whether it be us eating, and not her, or us going on a trip, and not her, what we want to do, not what she wants or what we need, not what she needs or giving to the poor out of her paycheck every month, even though she could use the money. My mother is my ultimate hero, who I look to measure myself and others upon, and she will never admit that she sets that standard, because she is too selfless to say such a thing about herself. Also my mother is a religious person, and she wouldn't want people putting her before God, of course. But I think for just this one day, her 55th birthday, my mother deserves a big pat on the back. A job well done for doing what she does best, being a selfless, generous, overall, great human being. My mom, ladies and gentlemen. You may applaud her now, as I am.

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