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double review: Nurse Jackie/Royal Pains

Nurse Jackie on Showtime.

This is a great show with a great premise. I only have one problem with the show. If I were a nurse watching this, I would have a problem with the fact that the show’s main character and protagonist, Jackie, is using pain meds to dealwith stress. This is what comes with the job of being a nurse, and you are trained to deal with the stress, not cheat and use meds to deal with it. Although, I also think they will like her because she stands up for what they believe in most of the time and isn’t afraid of the young, hip, cocky doctors. I will give a little leverage with the drug issue because that shows her character’s human side. At the end of the first episode, I haven’t seen the second yet, she comes home to two young daughters (twins, maybe) and a husband after getting freaky with an on call doctor in the lab at work and telling him ‘I love you’. She take his gift of a DP and moon pie home to her daughters, ouch. She also has a husband cooking dinner for her, smiling as she arrives. I hope this pans out in the story. It seems a little too twisted for me but I like the show. Overall I give it a 6.5 out of 10…hopefully that will go higher. SHOW INFO HERE. (def. not a kid show, some heavy sexual content and swearing…)


Royal Pains on USA.

Royal Pains, like Nurse Jackie, is a medical show, which on TV there is no lack of, but Royal Pains has jumped off to a great start. After watching some not so new medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy, I feel bored with their storylines. This show involves rich people, and they live in the Hamptons, known for the frihttp://blogs.suntimes.com/tv/royal-pains.jpgvelous spending, and in this show they do a lot of that, which makes it the more interesting. The main character, Hank, accidentally becomes a new fad in the Hampton’s, a concierge doctor, after getting fired for doing basically what’s right, instead of catering to a rich patient who donates to his old hospital. He has a new patient every episode, usually a main one with a strange symptom that needs his McGyver-like doctor skills, and some side patients that he is helping to catch a new girl he likes, who happens to run the ‘horrible Hampton’s taco stand of a hospital’, in town. Hank also becomes a father-like figure to a local rich kid whose dad is too busy to stay home for more than over night, which gives him a human like quality we all like, and see that he has struggled with daddy issues in the past, and we often hear from his, ‘CFO of Hank-MED’, brother and himself that their mother would be proud of them, sometimes sarcastically, and sometimes seriously. I give Royal Pains a 9 out of 10. I see it as a hit from the start, and hope it stays that way. (show is kid safe, no swearing, some mild sexual content, but kid safe) SHOW INFO HERE.

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