linux hippy.

i decided to try out linux, Ubuntu to be specific. The latest is, of course, 9.04, the Jaunty Jackalope…the names are always interesting. Ubuntu has real guts behind it, no pun intended. It has some promise, because I went through this transition acting as if I know nothing about OSes or hacking with the terminal, etc. It was almost easy. Which says a lot. In the past you could install this and hae problems from the get go. It’s bad to compare it to Windoze, but that’s what I’ll say…it was easy to setup and only one driver had to be installed, my wireless driver, and it was included. Great work to the Linux people out there.

I’m happy to say I am a Linux Hippy. (but yes, I still dual boot Windows 7…just can’t help myself)

hilarious as always. its kinda funny to say, but the music is actually good.