For those who hung, and beat the young
the ones of color, and raped their mothers.
In the fire you will burn, for eternity,
you will learn, this was not God’s way.
We were meant to live in peace, to push
away the evil thoughts; the disease. Those
who chose to stay the way, of the righteous,
you will receive what’s just, the everlasting;
the eternal life with the father all things.

—-wrote this up after watching an episode of cold case, where racism was still happening in everyday life. it made me sick to think how life must have been back then…i’m so glad that for the most part this doesn’t happen anymore. and for those who still have to deal with it, i am so sorry…life shouldn’t be this way, people need to read their bibles more often and learn this is not what God would have wanted.

linux hippy.