never can tell...

So crazy how long it has been since I have seen my brother at home. I can't really remember exactly that last time was, sad huh? I know people get older and they go and do their own things, but my bro hasn't just moved off somewhere, he's been in jail for four years or maybe more, by a bit. I just don't know how my mom deals with it, she is such a strong person, to have a bond with someone, like a mother and child do, and have that bond cut, must be like a knife to the heart, but she endures it. she takes the knife in her heart and she live with that, knowing that someday, he will get out. Hopefully that day is closer than we know. Also, my other bro is gone now out to sea, that's all I can really say, he's one top-secret man, lol. He makes us so proud! He works so hard for our freedom and protection and we can thank him enough. I just want my family to be as much of a family as possible, is that too much to ask?

well. guess what?

can’t sleep.