Test Post from Windows Live Writer

I was just trying out Windows 7 on my netbook and decided to give Windows Live Writer a test run on posting to my blog. I love being able to just jot something down (type) when it’s on my mind, even if I’m not connected to the internet to publish immediately, so this could come in handy when on the run. It seems to have all the functionality I would need. HTML editing, You can add photos, Hyperlinks, all that you might need. Also like the before mentioned, you can save drafts for when you might not want to post that blog just yet, or aren’t connected to a hotspot, or at the office, or home. Setup was quite easy, I just entered in the few fields it asked for and it pulled down all the info it needed and the edit windows looks like the website, so I can tell all the info is correct. So assuming you are reading this on my site, then the posting was a success, and I may just use this software for future use.

That’s it for now.


can’t sleep.

back again.