can’t sleep.

        So this month, well actually, longer than a month, I can’t sleep until like 4:30 in the morning, when I finally pass out from exhaustion. I have tried everything, except this one thing, which I am trying tonight, for the second night. Everyone I have talked to about my problem, has suggested Melatonin…So I went down to the local GNC (vitamin & supplements, etc) and got the mid range (1mg to 5mg) Melatonin, 3mg. I am hoping this will put my biological clock back on time, because I have been late to work twice now, not good at all. So wish me luck. So far, I have been sleeping through my alarms, so I will have to get my mom, yes, that’s right, my mother, to wake me up; she’ll probably have to pour some cold water on me or something. Embarrassing but that’s what I’ve got to do. Anyway, just a boring little blog for you, since I haven’t been able to get on here in a while. Good night, Wishing you all a good night’s sleep, please wish me the same.



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