almost here...we'll be together.

       I can't believe the date is almost here. Sometime soon, in November, hopefully my other brother, Nathan, gets to come home. I guess I'm happy, because this means we will sort of be a family again. I know it definately won't be easy for him, or us, for that matter, but for now I don't care about any of that crap, I just want my family to be back together, or at least, what's left of it. It does suck that my other brother, Thomas will be leaving soon, I don't know when, it's a Navy thing, but I do know that when Nathan gets home, Thomas will probably be gone for a while again. So we wait again, for that chance that everyone will be home, next year. Everyone, Matthew, Nathan, Thomas, & Waylan, the order it was meant to be, all of us together, brothers, and friends. I will definately be thanking God when that time comes, and I already do all the time for making us be strong when we are apart all the time. So tick, tock, the clock is moving slowly, bringing the time for us to be together, closer, and closer, that is what makes life worth waiting for...the being together.

back again.

i thought he looked familiar...