back again.

        I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged. I keep promising myself I'll make it worth while. Not much has been happening lately except work, work, work. Who would've guessed that when you get out into the real world, so to say, that you actually have to make a living. I am excited about one thing. I've made my first official choice as an adult. I bought my first car, and I mean I did, all me. It makes me proud, I have been trying so hard to get credit, or at least establish it. I always make my payments on time, a little something I learned from my mom, and I never spend what I don't have. If most Americans would follow these little rules, they probably wouldn't be in the places they are right now. It is just crazy what some people are going through just to survive these days, and this is just in America, what is supposed to be a developed nation...sometimes I doubt that. Oh well, I guess that's it for today. I will try to post a little something more often, it helps to get things out of your head every once in a while.

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almost here...we'll be together.