not listless...hehe. =P

‘tis a new year, time for new beginnings. hmmm.
don’t really know what i’m gonna do, other than…..

  • prep for school
  • get into school
  • decide if i want to move to GA
  • find a good job
  • get out on my own
  • lose at least 20 or up to 30 lbs
  • help more around the house
  • be more adult(y) grown up
  • pick my major/minor
  • read the bible more and listen to Him
  • hang more with family and friends
  • reconnect with friends & family
  • look for a new car
  • save, save, save, money (some)
  • write alot a lot more
  • read more
  • quarrel less
  • be thankful
  • apply myself more
  • be afraid less…
  • envy less…i’m an envier…=P

and that’s all I can think of for now.
what are your priorities this year??? =)

Happy New Year! Make this one count.

Kristen Wiig = Savior of SNL… Thisskit might not be the best example but seriously…

the windmills.