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[All Rights Reserved to Artist, label, etc. [The Dream - I Luv Your Girl]

Oddly this song was released on Dec. 11, 2007, on the album, Lovehate.
I just got around to hearing it the other day on my local radio station, and didn’t catch the title or artist or anything. I freaked out, I had to have this song, and it’s addictive rhythm on my Zune. (yes, I have a Zune, and they rock.) So thanks to my iPhone and that awesome app, Shazam, a few days later I walked into work and it was playing. I quickly wipped out my iPhone and Shazamed it and got a youtube link. So, here it is. Take a listen, and if I’m right, you’ll wanna buy it. Check below.  — Way

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omg. this is hilarious. who knew cats were so badass? haha.

if gas were our currency...