if gas were our currency...

just think, if our dollar was as priceless valuable as our gas is these days, we be insanely rich like the CEOs, etc of the dang gas companies. Today was just madness at the pump. I mean, for God’s sake, we live closer to north Texas than south and we’re all running for the pump because Mr. Ike, the hurricane is hitting landfall soon.
You can guess where most of the oil refineries in Texas are right? Say it with me, The Gulf Of Mexico. So emergency shutdowns for all of those, and widespread panic for people at the pump. Ahhhh, don’t you just love America and their addiction to fossil fuels. I do.

Here’s the term I use. —>Click Me. (not PG-13, btw.)

music. uh-huh.

that’s just sad. some poor kids have to call 911 because their freaking irresponsible parents are drunk driving. This is why I hate drinking, it makes you do stupid stuff…If you want to make your own decisions, don’t drink. And if you are going to drink, just stay put, simple enough. —-btw, I like the new slogan: “drink, don’t drive”.