Traffic Jams.

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[Two Hours Traffic - Nighthawks]

Love this song, it has a genuine jam feel to it. The finger slamming guitars, just sound great. Also the background singing takes me back to christmas carols being sung on the charlie brown christmas special, it’s just got that tone to it, listen and see if you feel it too…
Two Hours Traffic consists of Liam Corcoran, Derek Ellis, Andrew Macdonald, and Alec O’hanley.
“Two Hours Traffic began in 2003 when former kindergarten colleagues Liam Corcoran and Alec O’Hanley recruited fellow University of PEI chemistry students Andrew MacDonald and Derek Ellis. After the better part of a year, the group released an EP entitled The April Storm (Independent). This record caught the ear of acclaimed Halifax guitar hero Joel Plaskett, who immediately offered to produce the group’s first full-length album. When not breaking Erlenmeyer flasks, the group managed to pen and record an anthemic eponymous full length album.” click here for more…

thank you.

wow. talk about life scarring. um, without scars.