music. very catchy.

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[T.I. - Live your life ft. Rihanna]

This is crazy. Never in a million years would you think someone would sample the Numa Numa Song in a hiphop or rap song, but I stand corrected. This is my new fav jam. Rihanna is becoming a siren like singer, I’m attracted to every song she drops now a days. Disturbia, for example, is very catchy…very.

Check the song and go download buy it!!! Keep the music alive.

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This is ridiculous. These ppl need to grow up, we aren’t in the freakin’ 1800s anymore. I can’t believe this happened, well I can, just not where it happened, at ACU, Abilene Christian University. Come on, what’s that old saying?… Oh, right…What Would Jesus Do?

nerding out.