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[Joel Plaskett Emergency - Fashionable People]

“dun…dun…….dundundun.” can’t get this song outta my head. good rhythms, great music. got that 70’s feel to it, towards the end, more of an electronic feel…and his voice has that ‘Prince’ feel to it…maybe it’s just me, just not as high. mid-section has a weezer feel to it, you’ll here the rock hit there. apparently, mr. joel plaskett was a prominent figure* in the indie scene in Canada in the 90’s and still is. If you go back a few songs to Two Hours Traffic…Joel was an acting producer on their album, so you can feel the music similarities there.
Joel Plaskett and his band, The Emergency (Tim Brennan on Bass and Dave Marsh on drums) manage to distill their encyclopedic influences - influences as disparate as Led Zeppelin, Steve Mariott-era Small Faces, Curtis Mayfield and Vic Chestnutt - into heart-felt, intelligent, original music that’ll remind you why you got hooked on the stuff in the first place.”
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