moments remembered.

just to start some ripple in the pond, I thought I’d throw myself my own little nostalgia party…of course, your invited to join in, I was just thinking about the defining memories in your life, whether you could think of or remember, those certain memories, that are forever engraved in the cave know as your mind. Of course, you probably won’t remember them all, but it’s always fun to try.
Here’s a few of mine: (in no particular order)
I went with my family to visit my grandmother, my biological, if that makes any difference to you. She lives in Arkansas, near the mountains, I mean, her house is located in a valley by a lake and the mountains. It’s freaking awesome. Anyway, we all went for a hike through the mountain trails and the national park, and of course, myself being a little kid, had to run in front of everyone and tell them to hurry up, and I was told on several occasions to stay with the group, but I didn’t. You know how Murphy’s Law works right, I decide to run ahead, yet again, and I slip on some wet leave, fall forward on my knees, driving them into sharp rocks, that was fun, then I start to roll to my right and almost of the unprotected mountain trail down the side of a giant mountain. Wow. That was just one of those moments, I will never forget.
The day my father left. It was a sad day, but if you know me well, you know that I don’t cry much. I didn’t cry this day either, I just thought I’d throw that tidbit in there. It was just so odd to my child mind, because I knew what was happening, but I reacted like an adult and blew it off, it was no big deal to me, of course, later in life it’s become a big deal to me, but it wan’t back then. I can remember getting back the night before from Christian Sports Camp, T-Bar M, in New Braunfels, and of couse, tons of their parents were divorced, but I had no idea it would happen to us. I was awake, but still asleep, in and out, so to say, when my dad walks in, and says I’m leaving, and I’m like, okay dad, give him a hug and say bye. Thomas, is a little different with the feelings, he cried his eyes out when he finally figured out, dad meant, I’m leaving…
My uncle’s death. My family has this weird thing about being connected to everyone spiritually and in mind. I don’t know why, but it’s there and undeniably intense. I mean, when someone calls, we can just tell who it is by the ringing, and I don’t mean like with cellphone ringtones, on real landline phones…and also just seeing things that tend to come true, it’s very weird, but I also inherited this trait, and I tend to like it, it gives me a rush. But not when it comes to things like feeling like you are going to lose someone, I can remember my mom telling me when she was young, she had a horrible nightmare that her uncle died, and a few days later, they get news that her uncle had died. He was on a bus coming back from the military and a woman offered to exchange seats with him so he could sit by another military man, cause they had more in common and have a conversation…that woman died when pipes from turning truck flew threw the bus. Her uncle didn’t die then, but later she had a dream that was, according to everyone, ‘just a dream’, and the next day, they got a call, he was gone. So weird. But I didn’t know that feeling until I went to visit my uncle in the hospital when he was sick, he was such a strong person, so calm, and in place, even though this evil thing was eating at him, cancer. I felt that way about him, like his scales were even, like his spirit was settled, he was done with his time on earth, it is so sad to have to feel that way about someone you know was the world to their family. But I felt that when I was very, very young and I didn’t realize until later in life, that was what I was feeling. He was a good man, and I hope he is watching over my cousins right now, smiling on them and willing them with the strength of God, to keep going on, they make us so proud.
okay…that’s enough for tonight…i’ll have to ponder on some other times.
thanks for reading, if you made it this far.


Nights in Texas.


is it possible?