is it possible?

A man came in to the store today. He looked acted exactly like my uncle Steve used to, who passed away, sadly, about 12 years ago, I’m not positive….but I think that’s about right. It was just mind blowing, this person had the same demeanor, posture, attitude, same voice almost…he just seemed like it was my uncle, yet, obviously he wasn’t. But the question that comes to mind is, Do peoples spirits pass from life to life, with limits of course. I mean, the way I see it is, my uncle’s body wasn’t strong enough to live, fighting cancer and all, so does that mean, if he had a really strong spirit, why waste it, you know, obviously, he wouldn’t be that person, but they may have his same ideal as a person…anyway, that’s just what I was thinking about. It doesn’t sound that strange, right? And it’s not just him, my Aunt was even talking about a woman that was at the hospital the same time she was for, Paatan, her daughter’s surgery, and there was a woman with her elderly daughter, that had the same laugh, attitude, etc of her grandmother that had passed on…maybe it is just God sending a little message to let us know they are with him, that could be it…as they say, He works in mysterious ways.

That’s it for today.

Check ya later. — WJDB

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