tick. tock.

tick, tock, time runs away.
it keeps on flowing through the day.
what can I do, to slow it down?
nothing, nothing, in the boredom, I drown.

TV, internet, phone, the works…
myspace picture poses; all smirks…
tick, tock, it flies on by,
all my plans, gone awry.

go to town, get some lunch;
subway sandwich, hawaiian punch.
go back home, watch the news,
mom gets home, the tea; she brews.

take my pills, head to bed,
picked at my face, its all red.
watch some conan, turn out the lights,”
finish the night with some popsiren bites.


just for fun…fireworks when we visited the grandparents at lake arrowhead. =)

testing testing. 1.2.3. =P