testing testing. 1.2.3. =P

sitting and waiting for 10:30 to get here. SNL party of one. So bored tonite. So every brother of mine is away. Matt…who knows? haven’t heard from him in a few days. I’m pretty much disappointed in him. He’s supposed to be my big brother, and set a good example…he could try a little harder. I’m up to there…ya know, with his excuses. I’m busting my ass to help out my mom and pay bills, etc, and he goes to school and then drives around with friends, or whatever the hell he does. I know that he isn’t helping at all. The one thing he could do, mow, he’s done twice. THANKS BRO.
Next one has been moved, again, to a new home in the prison chain. This could be a good thing, because they can evaluate him and set him up in classes to get certified before being released…or it could be bad, but I choose to not look at that. blegh.
Third, is finally out to sea, after many schedule changes, I really am nervous for him, but he loves this kind of thing, he has really found his niche. Best of luck bro-bro! and I’m still thinking about moving in with him, but he wants to bbbUY a house…don’t think I’m ready for that kind of committment at the ripe old age of 19…ehhh.
Mom is finally kind of getting to a happy place in her life after a divorce and many ugly attempts at a healthy relationship. I mean, when the guy you break up, well all of them, have driven by your house at least an hour from theirs, to just see if you were there…..CREEPY. SO HAPPY SHE IS. We are still fighting every once in awhile, but who doesn’t? It’s not as bad as it used to be.
I’m currently in the early stages of looking into a new job…current job not working out. I mean I love my family and all, but this just isn’t the thing for meh. TYVM. I’ll be looking for a Circuit City ‘type’ job…I’m into the techy kind of stuff.
THEN, I’ve got to get my shit together for school. SCHOOL. I’ve been out for a full year, and will now be attending with the kids, a year younger, oh well, I’ve got to get started on my edumacation, or this will never happen. I really want to do something with PHOTOGRAPHY, or graphic design, I really love that kind of stuff, and Well, let’s face it ppl, the internet isn’t going away anytime soon. SO…that’s my aim for a school major, then JARB.

THAT:S it ppls.

peACE. — WAY

tick. tock.

Father's Day.